Rioters in Seattle use an explosive device to blow an 8 inch hole in police building wall

Seattle rioters burn construction trailers : Fox Seattle

For over 50 days straight, “peaceful protests” against law enforcement have occurred in Seattle, and as usual, they became violent as the day went on.

Police try to disperse crowd as fireworks are thrown: phot from Fox News Seattle

Yesterday (Saturday), going into last night, looters and rioters injured 21

police officers, and set multiple fires, damaged buildings and five construction trailers. Several businesses were covered in graffiti, and a Starbucks was destroyed. The rioters also attacked a camera crew according to television station Q13 Fox Seattle.

The rioters hit police with bricks, rocks, and fireworks, and they set off multiple explosions in the area in addition to the fires they had set set. Rioters even blew an eight inch hole in a wall of the Seattle PD East Precinct, after tearing down a security fence erected to protect the building.

Smoke from nearby fire drifts towards officers as the move in to stop rioting Fox News Seattle
Smoke from nearby fire drifts towards officers as the move in to stop rioting.

The police had been previously crippled by a newly passed Seattle city ordinance that banned the use of crowd-control measures, however a Federal judge interviewed Friday night and blocked the ordinance, enabling police to finally take control of the situation by using pepper spray and pepper balls to disperse the crowds, and arrest 45 people for assault on officers, obstruction, and failure to disperse.

Rioting in Seattle
Photo: Seattle Q13 News

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