US Southern Border activity starts to pick back up after Covid quarantine slowdown

California and Mexico port of entry

The slowdown of drug seizures at the southern U.S. border due to the Covid quarantines, seems to be over. US Customs and Border Protection recently released that their officers seized over 43,000 pounds of illegal drugs, worth about $92 million dollars in June; at the port of entry along the California-Mexico border alone.

Earlier stats had revealed that smuggling activity was down 60,083 incidents when comparing Jan through June 2020 to Jan to June 2019.

They reported that the 2019 numbers for that period was 455,293 while this year, the numbers were down to 395,210.

According to CBP, the numbers included 34, 685 pounds of marijuana, 7,661 pounds of methamphetamine, 635 pounds of cocaine, 166 pounds of heroin, and 165 pounds of fentanyl.

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